We take the stress out of insurance claims.

Our Approach

Aequum is the Latin word from which the word “equitable” derives. Equitable in turn means: “fair, just, and/or impartial.”









When arriving at a name that best describes our approach we felt that this term perfectly described our philosophy. At Aequum Adjusters we deliver an even-handed approach to general insurance claims, the way loss adjusters were always meant to act.

This means we thoroughly understand the contract of insurance under which the claim is being considered, we have the skill to determine the cause of the loss and if it is something that we are unsure of and needs to be investigated we know which expert will provide the correct answer.

At Aequum, we always work to mitigate the loss and or disruption to the Insured to the benefit of all parties concerned.

Finally, we work with quality trades and other experts to minimise delays and cost over runs.

By working as an extension of the claims department we aim to enhance the brand of the underwriters with whom we work, delivering the very best claims adjusting service at a time when it means so much to the Insured, at claim time.